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Babies love Music Together®! Big kids love it too! Mommies, daddies, nannies, grandmas, and grandpas are all loving being in our classes!
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I also wanted to thank you again for giving both boys a chance to attend the Bells session. They love it. Kevin sings the songs (and even songs from past MT classes) at random times during the day, and sometimes makes up his own words to the music. Just the other day, he pulled out the old MT music books and looked at the drawings. He was able to identity "Sleepyhead" just by looking at the picture, and started singing the song. I had never thought that he would be able to remember learning that song. Jeff is still pretty non-verbal. I'm hoping that he too is absorbing the songs like Kevin did.

Jennifer Milberg

We loved the Music Together class! Ben has learned so much from listening to your songs. He for sure learned how to clap his hands, bounce when he dances, play the drum, and shake a maraca from our Saturday morning classes. We listen to the songs all the time in the car and he continuously taps his legs and claps his hands when he hears them. I change the words around and sing to him all the time while we are at home in the bath, out at the park or just hanging around!

He has such a love for musical instruments now that for his first birthday party favors I am giving out drums with all the children's names on them! I figure if Ben loves the drum so much other kids his age will love it too!

He loved you so much! We are looking forward to coming back again in the fall!
Have a wonderful summer and thanks so much for all your love and care to Benjamin!


Dana Schwarcz

Nolan loves his egg shaker and his new song book and CD as well. As I mentioned to Jennifer, he sleeps with his music books. We choose one or two of the books many nights and he goes page by page and sings me each song. He then takes the books to bed and sings a bit before going to sleep.

Erin Regan

Jennifer did a great job in the introductory class this morning.  She has an infectious enthusiasm!

Alyssa enjoys all of the Music Together classes, and sings throughout the day.  She sings herself to sleep and loves to sing in the bathtub.
We can hardly go in the car without having the cd on.  We all know her favorite #'s on the cd, and  I sometimes rely on my
favorites to get her to fall asleep in the car

Thanks for all the good times

Leslie Dubin Troikie

I thought I would say hello. We really miss your classes but now Elias is in full-day Montessori school. I thought you would like to know that he is a stand-out in class when it comes to music. Every day they have music time and he apparently sings and participates more than any other children. Every afternoon he comes home singing and we are amazed by his retention of all these lyrics. We play the Music Together CD's often and he still enjoys them. I definitely think Music Together played a big role in his obvious love of music.

Thank you!

Cheryl Duay

My boys just adore these music classes. They sing the songs often or if theyhear one at home or in the car they say, excitedly, "music class!!"  They like to dance to them and they look forward to seeing Julie.

We loved Jennifer, too!  She was wonderful - she has a great voice and was really animated and seemed to really have fun with the class and the kids & moms.

The boys love to play the various instruments and have chosen favorites.  They like that Julie puts tambourines out while waiting for class to begin and that she lets them play her autoharp at the end of class.  Hunter hasbeen following Julie doing the tonal patterns - actually doing them correctly part of the time.  Daniel doesn't follow along in class much at all - he prefers running around and dancing while we're sitting in a circle,
but at home he then imitates what was done in class.

Caryn Cherlin

Griffin and his lovely babysitter Rachel loved the class in Harrison with Jennifer!  They always had new stories to tell following each week's musical adventure.  I also noticed that Griffin, who sings a fair amount at home, began singing A LOT at home: in the car, in stores - everywhere.  And he was singing new songs; songs we had not been singing at home before.  Thank you.

Leigh Ann Porphy

 I just wanted to let you know that Rachel and I just sat at the piano together and I played the entire Maracas and Sticks songbooks and Rachel sang every song (except of course "the borings ones" - ie, the lullabys).
She was playing the upper octave in perfect rhythm (though of course not the right notes) and I was showing her how every note has a letter that goes with it.

I have been so excited to teach her piano (I've been playing since I was 5) and I feel like we might have just had our first lesson :)  Just thought I'd share.
(She made me play "Going for Coffee" over and over and over - left hand too!  That's a tricky one!)
Our Music Together class has been a wonderful experience.

Update a few days later:

Rachel's expressing a real interest in the piano that's going beyond just banging.  She was even singing/playing out rhythm patterns on the piano this morning while I was nursing Cara.

Kelly Carpiniello McGovern

My daughter Grace (born 1/6/06) and I LOVED our summer music classes at Music Along the Sound. We sang songs, interacted with each other, danced and played instruments; it was so much fun!

My background includes being an assistant, student and substitute teacher, 1st-5th grades, and I am currently in the process of completing my master's degree in childhood/elementary education. I can see what a positive effect this music program can have on young children. We listen to our Music Together CD's in our car and at home ALL the time!! And, although my husband has yet to attend a class, he knows most of the songs on the CD by heart!

Our family is new to Westchester. We attended classes in Larchmont with Jean and Julie and they were terrific and so welcoming. I plan to make these classes a nice tradition in our family!!

Dana Ziogas

My son has special needs relating to sensory integration disorder. I have taken him to Music Together classes for the past 9 months. He has had a great time, and he loves the class.

Music Together exposes him to new songs and movements, different beats and patterns. Through repetition, he is able to recognize the songs and memorize the lyrics to some of them. The program offers him structure but gives him the chance to experience the music in his own way.

Parent of Special Needs Child

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience we've had with our Music Together class. Brandon is a bit shy in class but he really does take it all in. At home he uses drum sticks to bang on everything. I once caught him turning over all his different sized plastic buckets and tapping on them and laughing if one made a different noise.
The best part is when he wakes up in the morning. I used to wake up to a loud alarm clock with whatever was playing on the music station. Now I wake up to Brandon singing! His favorite song in the morning is "Are You Sleeping?" EVERY morning I hear him in the monitor as he tries to sing it in three languages. I stay in bed and listen for awhile with a big smile on my face! The video monitor is now my favorite music station.

Monica Ramos

Enrolling Andrew in Music Together when he was only 3 months old has helped him develop his social skills and build his confidence around other kids.  When he first started he was very wary of the group, but over time he became very engaged and confidentIt was exciting for me to see him assert himself and go in the middle of the circle.

I think Music Together has been great for him,and he really likes the music!  We play the CD's at home and in the car. They helped us big time on our way home from Washington, DC, a few months ago.  He was very unhappy and we played one of your CD's over and over again. He stopped crying for the rest of the trip!

Sue David

Just wanted to share another musical anecdote.  At the dinner table tonight, Josh was singing all the sections of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" that we do in class.  He sang each part separately all by himself!  It was adorable. Your class has really made an impact on him!

Josh truly learned so much from our Music Together classes and received a real basis in music and rhythm that I hope will stick with him for life.  We have you to thank for making each class so much fun for the kids.
Another anecdote:  We were driving on the highway the other day listening, of course, to our Music Together CD.  We were stuck in a traffic jam and I heard Josh counting "One, two, three, four."  First I thought he was counting the cars, but when he started to repeat the 1,2,3,4,  I realized that he was counting the beat to the music!  I asked him if he was counting the music and he said yes and then proceeded to clap to the beat.  Wow!
Thanks again for a great year of learning and fun!  It was great for Josh and for me.

Josh's mom

I want to thank you for your wonderful music classes, which I have enjoyed immensely over the past several years, first with Blake and now with Cole.

I remain amazed that you consistently engage both the children and adults in meaningful, fun, and challenging (those rounds!) ways with music and with each other. A week without your class just doesn't seem complete. (And those rounds must sound magical to little ears. I imagine they are thinking: "How do they DO that!")

Julie Schaut

Ava is really liking the class these days. And she now loves to sit at the piano with me and go through her song book. If I try to sing something without playing along she gets upset and puts my hands back on the piano!

Margi Gristina

Music Together has been a terrific part of our lives for the last 7 years. Our three daughters have each participated in the classes in Larchmont, almost from birth, and it has instilled in them a love of music and movement that has manifested itself in many wonderful ways as they have grown.

Faith and Rob Weisstuch

My 2 year old twins LOVE the program. They constantly ask for "music class" and even know many of the songs by heart. We really enjoy singing and dancing to the CD's at home. What a wonderful introduction to music!"

Margi Arquit

Alannah loves the class. Her nanny took her Friday morning. Both Erik, Alannah's dad, and I went with her Saturday morning - so it was a big family outing for us. Received the book and CD; the CD is playing at home now - Miss Alannah is bopping along to it!

Thanks for your help in getting her enrolled.

Antoinette O'Neill

Julian enjoyed the interaction in the music class tremendously. I feel it expanded his horizons; he especially loved many songs on the CD which I use constantly to keep my sanity in the car with him, and he loved playing all the instruments.
We both look forward to more classes.

It is such a joy to hear Julian sing constantly.. I do believe music together is a big reason, thank you.

Julian adores your music and I am committed to having him take all your classes.

It has brought so much joy for us and our home. I wish I had a video tape of him singing at home!

Alison Fletcher Silva

My daughter Adriana and I enjoyed Music Together very much this past summer.

I know it was an educational experience for her because when she hears the Music Together songs she claps her hands and taps the rhythms. She is learning to speak and tries to sing the songs.

Thank you for allowing us this wonderful opportunity.

Laura Faustini

"Our MT experience has been wonderful...the classes are structured but not rigorous, and give Anna the opportunity to think outside the box as she explores ways to express herself through music and movement.

It's the perfect mix of laptime, dancing, and playing instruments so that she is always engaged---as am I!"

Miran Robarts

Stratis is going to Nursery School for 5 days this Fall and will get some music instruction through that program, but I know he is going to miss Julie and her music classes!

We listened to the Music Together CDs while traveling by car when we went on vacation last week. Stratis loves the songs and knows most of the words of the Bongos collection. And the baby stops and moves to music anytime he hears it and we know he enjoyed the classes over the past winter and spring. We love the MT music and will continue to use it for a long time!

Lisa A. Comninellis

My children enjoy music class more & more each week.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see them singing and dancing at home.

Katy Loria

We had a great Spring in the music class. Melody really loved listening to the CD in the car and at night before bed.

She recognized many of the songs. She often clapped along or drummed against whatever was handy.

She now has several dance moves and has been walking for more than a month. She turns one year in mid September

Stacey Sicherman

Unfortunately this Friday I have a meeting at work and will need to miss class.  I hope to send some combination of my mother, my mother-in-law (visiting from Chicago) and/or my husband to class with Ryan.  If no one is able to go in my place, then we will try to come for a make-up at some point. I am so sad to miss class - it is such special bonding time for us and I love seeing his growth each week.

Update a year later:
Thanks for singing Ryan's favorite song in class.  When we got home, he told his daddy all about it.  It is the first song he has ever sung (though he pats his legs every time he hears the Hello song), probably due to the simple words, and he even sings people's names (like his nanny's) in it.  After class, when he recounted what he sang for his daddy, he not only mentioned "me" and "no" (his favorite verses)  but also "blue" just like you led in class.  I couldn't believe he remembered it!  In the 2 days since then, he has identified "blue" at least twice more without prompting.  Just amazing to me, and not bad for a 19-month old -- clearly the class is not only about music but also language development and comprehension.  Thanks again and see you Saturday!



Jennifer Shapiro

I attended class with my son and daughter for four years, and it was a highlight of the week, for them and for me. We had fun and made friends that we still see today. My children remain consumed by music today, at ages 6 and 8, and I'm pretty sure Music Together had a lot to do with that. The singing, rhythm games, and dancing certainly made a lasting impression.”

Amy Hurley

I wish to keep Lauren in the same class and I must tell you she LOVES the music!   Every time I sing the Kookaburra song she smiles wide and sways from side to side :) Thanks for such a wonderful music selection! My son Jared, at the age of 4 1/2, also sings along which is fun to watch. I have found myself singing quite a bit through almost everything I do, from changing her diaper to taking a simple walk!  It surely keeps a smile on our face when we sometimes need it the most..

Lucille Schnapp

I signed up for the same Thursday class with Julie at It's My Party in Mamaroneck. I
want to confirm that it's the same day, same time and same teacher, right?
She's fantastic!!!

Cecelia Gschwind

Alyssa loves this class and has been attending all year.
This is her renewal for next term!

Leslie Dubin

Jack really enjoyed the class this past semester. He dances to the music in the house.

Joy Bertan

I love the Willow Towers program. Althought it is usually my babysitter who takes James to class, I have heard great things about it and the times I have attended I have been very impressed. Although James is only 12 months old, I think he enjoys being around people so have the residents attend the class is a real plus for him. On the residents' side, I think they really enjoy having the children around. Ester has told me many stories about residents interacting with James and giving him lots of loving attention. I think the program is great for James and the residents and will continue to send James to it.

Vicki Vazquez

When I was cutting some oranges for dessert at night upon Yuka's request, she started to sing something.
I couldn't tell what song she was singing at first, since she was kind of humming, then, she said "yellow orange . . ."
I realized that she was singing "orange, red, brown, yellow, orange tumbling to the ground."
Yuka's (older) sister, Momoka, not only listens to the CD, but she actually attended the class on Columbus Day and sang this song with us.  At home, she often asks me to sing the "leaves are falling . . ." part, and she tries to sing "orange, red, brown, . . . " part, just like we did in the class.
So, Yuka (2 yrs old) has been listening to both the CD and to our singing for quite a while.  Yet, this was the first time she actually sang this song!

Akiko Iwase


My sister gave each of my children a real, beautiful ukelele.  Nicky took his and sat down and began signing the hello
song, and trying to play the ukelele like Julie does with the autoharp. 

Now there were two things that completely amazed me, my husband, and even his big sisters (all MT veterans and/or students). 
It was clearly the hello song- although he is not fully talking yet(he's 15 months), one could hear it as the hello song!!!  And, since
he started MT last winter, he really has absorbed and taken in how Julie plays the autoharp instrument.  He now demands his ukelele
almost on a daily basis to play and sing this song- always sitting (the only time he sits at all!).  He also sings the hello song all the
time in the house, in the car.  I'm amazed, and I love it!  Thank you for this wonderful musical experience that he is having!


Lila Smith

Samira is only 8 months. We noticed that she started rocking up and
down (in sitting position) when the music selection was busy/upbeat.
She also sings (baby talk) off and on during the class. At home we
notice the rocking up and down when she is happy and when we play the

My son Nikko has a CD from the music class he took at the
Montessori in Florida. It's the same Music Together program that you offer.
SO...he's familiar with the format, beats, etc.
We are having a great time. The moms are fun. Teacher is perfect for
the class.

Larissa P

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed--and how much my 5 month old son, Ryan, seemed to enjoy --Julie's Wednesday 11:15 Larchmont class last session. My parents visited us this week and commented on how much Ryan loves music and
seems to already have rhythm. (Of course, that's the grandparents speaking, so take it for what it is worth!)

We frequently sing songs from the Flutes collection as a family, especially the Hello song or Hey Lolly Lolly. We even make up our own rhymes. The music also seemed to soothe Ryan for any car trips.

As a first-time mother, the class provided very special bonding for Ryan and me -- the Hey Lolly Lolly song always calms him down, and I created my own (off-key!) lullaby based on the tune of the lullaby in the Flutes collection. I would never have thought of these additional ways to interact with Ryan if not for the class. Julie was a wonderful teacher, especially
considering the number of babies in our class, and helped us all feel welcome.

Jennifer Shapiro

Simply, the best class in town. The class offers both parents and children a real music learning experience that extends beyond class time. My 2 year old, eight month old and I listen to the CD every day! I signed up initially for my 2 year old, but have found that my 8 month old enjoys it just as much!


Update 6 months later:
The boys absolutely love the CDs. Kieran will sing "Hello" until I put the CD on. And, when he hears the last song of the CD, he starts singing "Hello" again -- instructing me to play it again.

And 6 months later still:
About a week before Christmas, we stopped to take a break from the crush of shoppers. A very upbeat Ray Charles' "swing" CD was playing, and the boys began to get up and dance -- quite well, I might add! A woman came in from outside, having viewed us in the window, and thought it was the greatest scene! I, with my much needed coffee, and the boys with cookies in one hand dancing to the beat around the place!

Yesterday I took the boys down to the beach near our house. We were looking at shells and rocks, when, all of a sudden, Kieran started singing "We sell sea shells by the seashore . . ." I couldn't believe it! I really don't make this stuff up! I was totally amazed that he remembered the song and, more, that he associated it with the beach.

Maryann McGreevy

I've taken Music Together classes for the last eight years with my four children.  They are the best classes my kids and I have ever taken.  Our household is certainly more musical because of them.  My children have fun making up verses to daily activities and creating music everywhere.  We all still enjoy the old Music Together CDs. 

Our teacher and the director of Music Along the Sound, Jean Young, has a special understanding of young children and an incredibly broad knowledge of music theory, history and folk dance. This is an exceptional program.

Anne Hentschel

We have really enjoyed Julie as a teacher. Having taken Music Together for 12 years I have had a fair number of teachers, and she is great....energetic, patient, enthusiastic!

Beth Mcgrath

Just a quick note to let you know we really enjoyed our first Music Together class this morning. Julie, our teacher, is absolutely lovely. Jackson had fun and was a little overwhelmed once or twice by all the stimulation since this is the first time he's ever been in a class setting, but she wasn't fazed in the least. He laughed a lot and danced and made music. I wish I had done this sooner!  We are really looking forward to the semester.

They've opened a center for Music Together classes right round the corner from us, I saw in the local paper, but we could never leave Julie, she's so kind and sweet and patient. Jackson loves her.

Jonna Gallo

I dare say it has completely drawn my son out of his shell. I had no idea he would love the class so much.
We are looking forward to continuing!

Jenny Moles

My girls had a wonderful summer with Music Together and it helped in their transition to suburban life, since they had gone to MT in the city. It was comforting to have some familiarity to their new routine and some music they'd loved from previous classes. It also helped them bond with their new babysitter, as something they all looked forward to every week. Every time I got in the car, the tape was in and they had been playing it!
It was fun for us to hear our 4-year old beginning to pick up the individual Spanish words in "Tingalayo"; after hearing the song for several years, it seemed to be starting to make sense to her! And when she heard us talking about burritos (as in dinner!)she was quick to make the association--funny for us all!

Page Edmunds

Jonathan and I keep the Music Together CDs in the car. On longer car rides.....when the girls get fussy ...we pop in a CD and, as soon as they hear the "Hello" song, they calm down.  It is amazing.. it works like a charm every time!

Lisa Pascetta

Merritt and I enjoyed the music class (he likes to bang his plastic blocks together and "clap" and he also waves his arms and smiles wildly when any music comes on!) Marnie was a great teacher and the residents at Meadow View were very charming and appreciative of us being there.

Elizabeth Hole

Arieliz loves loves loves the classes. She does so many things at home that we learn from the classes, I can't even begin to tell you. She is a little sponge. After the first day of the summer class, at night she would wake up calling out, "FROG FROG".  Now she names the songs that she wants me to sing, whether the "Hello" song, or "Su la li", or the donkey song.  I mean, she is incredible.
If it weren't for the music class CD, sometimes I wouldn't be able to get from point A to point B in the car.
Thanks so much for introducing us to this wonderful program.
We also love Marnie.

Elizabeth Reyes

Chloe (14 mos) has been doing the cutest thing.   We sing Pop Goes the Weasel and every time we get to the part where you're supposed to say. "Pop!" she belts it out! and then we continue singing the rest.  (She does it on both verses - I only know two verses!) 
My husband was unconsciously whistling it (too much children's music around!) and she  was in the room (he wasn't whistling to her) and at the right spot she yelled out "Pop!"
She does this same thing with the word "Burped" from the Tiny Tim frog song too!

(note:  Chloe has been in MT since she was  4 months old)

Claire Paquin

When I first became a mom, my friend Cathy came to visit me and my little 2-month old.
"You must bring her to Music Together!   Start right away!" Cathy said.  "But she is only 3 months old." I responded.

Nevertheless, with faith in my friend, who has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and who also owned a Music Together center on Long Island, I jumped in.

I was fortunate enough that Cathy found you here, in Larchmont, for me. As you know, both my little ones began Music Together as infants.  Lizzy loves music so much, and now, at nearly 4 years old, is quite the singer and dancer. Our music education with you can only be described as a delight for all of us.

Ellen Lewis

Sophia and Emil developed a good musical ear because of "Music along the Sound" classes. They enjoy every song and try to follow the beat. Sophia, sometimes, uses a certain beat and comes up with her own song using her own words...Thanks.

Sophia loves to play the piano and sing the songs that she learned from Music Together classes. She has developed a musical ear in such a short period of time, thanks to "Music Together" and Julie. Emil is following her footsteps and he loves to go to the class every Monday (he's more of a dancer, though).  Thanks again!

Marina Fadel

We have really enjoyed the Music Together program. We have tried several other programs in the area and believe that this is the best by far.

Meridith Alin

I thought you might appreciate hearing two things: last week Ryan sang a few "bahs" during one of the rhythm-repeat parts of a previous term's CD. Although the "bahs" were not in the same rhythm as the CD, it was the first time I had noticed his making the sound.

And today in the car, he repeated a few "bahs" again, and then started patting his legs when the next song's music started. So he is definitely happy to be back in class! As am I -- it is a really neat way to "mark" his development, which is happening so quickly.
(And I am thrilled! ed)

Jennifer Shapiro

I just wanted to let you and Jennifer know that Giuliano is still sick. Sadly, we will miss class. He is totally disappointed, but we will have music class here today. He is doing so many of the things that he did in class with you.  It is lovely to watch him develop, and, of course, (his baby brother) Luca is just laughing and bouncing which is equally wonderful.

Gina Tampio

I really like the music class. I think Jennifer is super fun and creative, and it is reflected in every session. and my kids love her. She loves what she does.

parent in Harrison

We sang John the Rabbit at our seder last night. It's one of Gabby's favorites. I think that's what they sang right before the red sea parted ...